Impact Of Europeans On Native Americans

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Europeans have had an impact on many peoples’ life and culture. This was no different when the Europeans first came to America and encountered the natives. When the English and the Puritans first arrived, the Native Americans handled them in different ways. Some welcomed them with open arms, while others approached them with caution.; however, despite handling the Europeans differently, the natives were still impacted by them all the same. The Native Americans’ culture was impacted by Christianity, but more importantly was the impact caused by trading. By trading with the Europeans, Native Americans purchased useless items, lost land, and ended up relying on the English.
When Europeans first came to America they brought their own religions with them. Between the English and the Puritans, Christianity was a popular religious practice for the newly founded colonies. For most Native American tribes this wasn 't a problem, in fact some members of the tribe converted to Christianity. One such member was Naomai Omaush, a Wampanoag women, who embraced Christianity strongly. The main impact that Christianity had on Indians was that it slowly began to
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This debt, which was calculated by the English, would ultimately lead to the loss of Indian land. In many cases, the Indians would buy guns, powder, and ammunition with a promise of trading furs for the cost once hunting was done. The problem with this was that hunting didn’t always go so well, even with the useful guns. After the unsuccessful hunt, the Indians ended up being in debt to the English. Since the Indians had no currency or goods to trade, they had to sell and give up sections of their land to the English. This not only meant that the tribes were getting pushed westward, but they were now losing more resources and hunting ground. By trading with the English, the Indians lost a lot of valuable land and

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