Differences Between Community Colleges And Four Year Universities

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There is a place for higher learning and it is called college! One is Community college, which offers courses to people that want to stay in their local area or seek advancement in a trade. It also prepares some students to transfer to a four-year university. A four-year university allows students to receive a bachelor’s degree and may offer graduate programs. Community colleges and four-year universities have similarities and differences that make each one unique in their own way. Choosing either one will point them in the direction of their dreams.
Community College has some good traits. Classrooms are on a smaller scale and they are equivalent to a high school environment. Students are allowed more one-on-one time with their instructors in order to have a better grasp of the information being taught. Students are more engaged with their teacher, and they also build friendships with their classmates. Since people do not live on campus, they have to commute back and forth to attend classes. All students are offered the opportunity to drive and park their car on campus. It is important that one either has a vehicle or can carpool with someone since most people are not within walking distance of their campus. Going to community college can be a convenience to many students, thus allowing them to live at home for the first two years of college. Community college offers small technical degrees which will quickly allow them to enter the work force. Some students have jobs and a…

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