Differences Between Christianity And Islam Essay

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In the modern world, there are hundreds of different religions and people follow all the different religions. Two of the major religions that dominate the world are Christianity and Islam. According to Johnson, Christianity has 33.39 percent of the population declaring itself such. (Johnson, Christianity, 2013, para. 2) While 23 percent of the world’s population declare themselves as part of the Islamic religion (Johnson, Islam, 2013, para. 1). Three religions begin a monotheistic faith meaning that they believe in one God. These religions are Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Islam and Judaism are in constant turmoil in the Middle East, but throughout the world, Christians and Muslims believe they have the most differences between the religions. These two do not have that many differences, though. These two religions have similarities such as sacred texts, locations of historical sites, and prophets. In these similarities, there is an enormous difference in what their scriptures contained, types of prophets, and celebrations.
The religion of Christianity derived from Judaism. “It is based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth called the Christ, or anointed one, (Johnson, Christianity, 2013, para. 1)”. After the death of Jesus, his followers or disciples spread the word throughout the land and eventually lead Christianity into one of the largest followed religions ever. Unlike Christianity, the Islamic faith did not technically derive from another religion. Most of…

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