Differences Between Christianity And Hinduism Essay

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Our world has many different religions but we are only concentrating on Christianity and Hinduism. They have man differences and little to none similarities from different views to leaders. Many think they are more similar but I’m here to prove them wrong.
The obvious difference is they are from a different worldview. Christianity is from the Linear Worldview and Buddhism is from the Cyclical Worldview. Linear Worldview, mostly Christianity, believes in a creator and an event that will conclude the creation. The fundamental belief is that God stays in contact with his creations and Jesus Christ is the revelation of the nature of God and Savior of all who believes and the believers grow their relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I was taught that when Jesus returns we go through God’s final judgement and return to heaven and the sinners and non-believers go through the seals, trumpets, and the vials from seven angels. Cyclical Worldview, mostly Hinduism, believes there is no ending in our existence and reincarnation with many forms depending on your karma from your previous life. More karma can lead you to a reincarnation of a lesser form and the less you have the better you will rebirth into. They believe in one higher God who is immanent and transcendent, both creator and unmanifest. That divine beings, Gods and devas, exist in other worlds and can communicate through temple worship, rituals, sacraments, and personal devotionals. Other that the difference in…

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