Compare And Contrast Laden And Osama Gandhi

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Before we compare Gandhi and Bin Laden, it is important to know the preamble of who they are and what they fought for.Mahatma Gandhi is considered to be the most influential leader for the independence of India. He is widely known for his successful non-violent protests that legally showed civil disobedience against white British and Boer government officials. These officials were discriminating and segregation many Indian immigrants. Gandhi fought for Indian liberation against bills that suppressed Indians from voting in their own government, and many other injustices. He fought for equality in a corrupt system. In early college Life, Osama Bin Laden looked up to the radical pan-Islamist scholar Abdullah Azzam, who believed that Muslims should rise up as one islamic state and fight in jihad, or also known as the holy war. During this time, some Western ideology was starting to grow in the Middle East, and it was appalling for himself to watch. He believed that in order to protect the beliefs that the people of his country held so dearly, he would have to start up a radical pan- Islamic group to commit acts of symbolic terrorism to defend of Western propaganda. Later on down the …show more content…
Mahatma Gandhi was more of a figure of peace and nonviolence while Osama Bin Laden resorted to violent terrorism against many countries to attempt to achieve his goals. They were different when it came to evaluating and creating a hypothesis of their economic views. They left behind legacies that are polar opposites of each other. Although, taking a step back and looking at their actions in a broad way of looking at the subjects, they have done actions that are similar in outcomes, for example, like taking care of their people, or trying to change the world to fit their views or morals, or even to the fact they are both technically large influential leaders that died in similar ways and left legacies

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