Compare And Contrast Osama Bin Laden And America

Jimmy Jensen
Timme & Kabadi

America’s Most Wanted: Pancho Villa VS Osama Bin Laden
America is for some reason always a main target. America tends to cause a lot of problems with a lot of dangerous people that like to threaten the safety of the people in this country. There have been many terrorists in this country trying to hurt others, they have caused a ton of pain revealing the true meaning of terrorism. Two of America’s Most Wanted, Pancho Villa and Osama Bin Laden have caused a ton of pain and death, both have done this for many different reasons and issues, therefore a comparison must be made. First, Pancho Villa was a very dangerous person to have around. Coming from a father that died when Pancho was very young,
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The reason is this, Osama and Pancho both did terrible things and killed many people, however, Osama killed more. He led mass destruction events and killed so many people trying to “purify” the world. On top of this, Osama had more technology. He had access to so many weapons available for mass destruction. He was the head of a whole terrorist group. He came from a wealthy family and he was a genius, but, he used his brains for evil instead of good, and he died for it. With that, Osama left a huge but false impression that America should die and people that were influenced by him want to do the same thing he did, and that is kill and “purify”. Pancho did many awful things, however, he hasn’t killed nearly close to the amount that Osama has. On top of all this, Osama completely changed the worlds view on terrorism. It has been very down low, then when Osama came into play he completely changed the whole game and influenced so many other groups like ‘ISIS” to do the same and it’s disgusting. Osama bin Laden has made the biggest impact of history clearly due to the mass destruction and mass killing he has done to many communities. He has taken many mothers from children, Brothers from sisters, and tons of Husbands from Wives. All this to “purify” the world. He has changed the way people see terrorism. Military’s around the war run missions to try to stop them from doing the exact thing that Osama had …show more content…
They were very alike in some circumstances and in some they were the most opposite people the world has ever seen. One came from riches and one came form rags. However, they both did mass amounts of destruction, but with Osama and the advancement in technology, he was able to kill more and do more damage by killing. People like this, that act on terror, and try to “purify” or hurt the world and all the people in it. These two America’s Most Wanted rightfully so belong on this list. They have cause many people to tremble in fear in the eyes of terrorism, and because of them, the eyes of terrorism is a hard thing to dodge. The influence and amount of people that want to be like these men is surreal. These men have changed history and changed the name of terrorism, but in the end, with his choice of using technological weapons for mass destruction gave him the upper edge from banks. On top of this, Osama made a whole group of these terrorist s, which in fact, are still out there. Plus, with his influence, many terrorist groups have risen believing they can succeed, and in some case, they have succeeded and it is heartbreaking and leaves doubt of safety through the work

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