High School Vs College Research Paper

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What are some differences and similarities in high school and college?
When high school students graduate the college planning and preparations begin. Once students are attending college, many students recognize that college has a major difference between the student’s college lives as former student’s high school lives. High school students receive their assigned classes for the year, attendance is checked every day, bad grades will detain the high schools students, students are expected to be in classes, policies required to be followed by students, parents contacted in the awareness of the high students academics whereas, in college students have to sign up for the classes in their major, one to many absence will require the college students be withdrawn, failing grades will keep the college student from registering for future college classes, follow college policies, college students living independently, and expected to behave like adults.
First and foremost, in college, the students choose their classes according to the students major. In high school, students choose their required classes, but most of the classes are already chosen by the students as part of the school curriculum. The college students can take up to four classes per term on the college students major; however a high school student has to take a
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Students in high school are more likely live at home with their families then to have a home all to themselves. High school students come home from school and occupy their time socializing, or participating in sports and then work on schoolwork up until bedtime. In college, students living on campus or off campus will have their friends as roommates or meet new roommates attending the same college as them. College dorms are the place where students begin to acknowledge life on their own and take accountability for the students own actions and

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