Differences And Operating Systems Of Android, Android And Android

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IOS versus Android Android and iOS are operating systems primarily used in mobile technology, such as in tablet, smartphones, iPad and more. Both operating systems are made by enormous companies Apple and Google. Apple produces the iOS operating system for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV, likewise Google makes the Android operating system for all kinds of smartphones and tablets that are compatible with the Android operating system. The two of them are quite popular and progressive. They similarly expanding in a great speed, for instance, they both introduce their new versions of the operating system in a five or six month which creates a massive demand in consumers market. Although Android and iOS operating systems have many similarities, but some of the differences make these two operating systems separate from each other; these differences are commonly in their technical mechanism, interfaces, their product value and manufacturers. The first difference between these two operating systems is their technical mechanism, they both use different …show more content…
These two operating systems have separate manufacturers and they are designed by different companies such as iOS is designed by Apple and Android is designed by Google. One thing that made iOS valuable is that only Apple has the right to make iOS, no other company can make or produce it. On the other hand, almost any company can make and produce Android. However, iOS value in the market is more than Android and it’s more popular, meanwhile Android has more usage, compared to iOS because Android is user-friendly and it is more reliable in terms of gaming. The main dissimilarity in their value is the price of devices based on these two operating systems. Devices like iPhone or iPad are more costly in contrast to Android based devices, for example, iPhone six “S” handset price compared to Samsung “S” six handset price is about hundred

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