Russell Wilson Descriptive Essay

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Shawnna - Essay 1 As a part of a family that actively supports, wears, and watches the Seattle Seahawks throughout the football season, it’s hard not to notice just how unique their Quarterback Russell Wilson is, on or off the field. In the National Football League, big things rarely come in small packages and it wasn’t until I gained my full respect for Russell Wilson that I realized what gave the 12th fans something extra to scream and shout about. At first glance, one could say that Wilson was physically different in comparison to other quarterbacks such as Denver Bronco’s Peyton Manning and Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton. Standing at a height of 5’ 11” whereas his opponents stood at 6’ 5”, Wilson’s height was described to be “his biggest inhibitor at the next level of football”1. Often times on television and during post game interviews, I noticed that his size made Wilson the subject of talk towards the press rather than his strengths and qualities as a rookie quarterback. As a high school Junior, I can only dream to be as tall enough to reach for a box of cereal on my pantry shelf let alone have 11 inches added to my height. Yet here critics were, …show more content…
To base the success of a football player like Russell Wilson on his physical characteristics alone seemed outright wrong. But for the critics, apparently size is different being that it matters for a quarterback to see above the heads of his offensive linemen. Four inches are about all that separates him from being the ideal NFL quarterback prospect. And so they continued to question whether the underestimated QB would ever be able to stand up in the football environment, but in the meantime Wilson would just smile back in return and say how blessed he is, just like he always seems to

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