Difference In Business Cultures Between The United States And Mexico

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Understanding different cultures is very important for businesses and personal relationships. A culture creates differences in structure in different countries. When doing business in other countries you have to keep in mind that there are different values, social practices, behavior, managerial methods, and beliefs. I will be comparing the difference in business cultures between the United States and Mexico.
Power distance is low in the United States. This means that for people in the United States it’s very important for them to focus on the equal rights. Superiors are accessible and they trust the capacity and competency of their employees. United States is characterize for having a system that has informal communication, direct, and motivates
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Americans look for new ideas, and they worry about innovation of products. They worry about technology, the business itself, anything that has to do with the organization. Americans are tolerant with ideas and opinions people might share. They believe in the freedom of expression. Mexicans however, maintain themselves with coding. Very intolerant, there is an emotional need that rules function. They resist to innovation and security is a fundamental element for the motivations of …show more content…
It is very important that as partners they understand and express their ideas clearly so they can reach common agreement. There are different types of communication and they vary depending the culture. In this case between Mexico and United States it’s very important to interpret messages correctly to prevent conflicts that could harm the relation. There are different types of communication. We have Americans that are direct, they go straight to the point. They are very clear to what they want. On the other hand Mexicans are very indirect because they follow coding. Coding could be confusing to understand. Mexicans elaborate a lot so they tend to be redundant when Americans just like to get to the point and move on. With Mexico being a hierarchical society then tend to create barriers of communication, because they focus more on the power that person might have then the actual relationship.
In Mexico they use nonverbal to transmit a message. They use body language and facial expressions that have to be interpreted. In United States they use verbal language, but it is important to have eye contact. The culture in Mexico is normal to have physical contact to transmit a message and create confidence with one another. On the other hand in United States it’s friendly to get really close to a person. Americans feel their space has been invaded. It is very disrespectful and in the workforce could turn into a legal

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