Difference Competency Between Associate Degree Of Nursing Versus Baccalaureate Degree Level

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Nursing has many different level of degree for nurses that include Associate degree of Nursing, Bachelor degree of nursing, and Master degree of Nursing. Even though degree level in nursing are to provide basic care to the patients, but the level of competency and knowledge in profession is different. It is important to provide quality of care to patients by educating nurses in advance level. Many health care settings require nurses to earn baccalaureate degree level to apply for RN position. The purpose of writing this paper to discuss the difference competency between Associate degree of Nursing versus Baccalaureate degree level. Nurses play different role in bedside patient care such as advocate, caregiver, and teacher. Nurses gain knowledge every day and they aspect to learn better to lead success in nursing. As we all know, we all went nursing school to graduate and pass NCLEX board exam so we can practice in nursing field, but entry level of degree such as Associate degree in nursing may be not sufficient to provide better communication skills and critical thinking process. ADN nurses may be able to make better decisions for the patients but BSN nurses will be expertise on clinical skills and preventive measure. Having BSN degree impact nurses in critical thinking skills, leadership and management, health promotion, and prepare nurses to care patients in variety of health setting. In fact, Researchers had shown the results of outcomes having different degree of…

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