Vegetarianism Vs Non Vegetarianism Essay

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The Vegetarianism Versus the Non-Vegetarianism

The vegetarianism includes people who doesn’t eat meat like vegans and like ovo-vegan who consumes the byproducts of animals like eggs, milk and honey. These are treated separately from non-vegetarians because the consumers don’t eat the meat directly. The statistics of WHO organization shows that the increment of vegans around the world arose to higher percentage and the fall of non-vegetarians depicts that meat eaters are changing their food habits from taking red and white meat to vegetables. Meat lovers chose to eat foods like vegans because they showed an advancement in healthy and happy living. Now-a-days people are looking towards the physical wellness and concentrating more on healthy diets to reduce weight and to be fit. Let us see, how eating habits effects one’s life style.

Vegans are of various types, but a few are considered like the one who is restricted from eating meat, eggs and byproducts of meat are called vegans and the other is ovo-vegan who takes eggs but no meat. The food taken by vegans is easily chewable and digested like green vegetables and water contained veggies like cucumber. Whereas, if a six-year child consumes meat like
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Contrasting to this statement the vegans have 0.77% heart disease and 1.44% mortality rate according to the analysis done in 2006. The photochemical and isoflavones intake is higher in vegetarians which have anticancer effects. Following to these mean weights of infants born to women adhering to different diet group shows that vegans are towering among others lacto-vegan and omnivore. When you see the diet chart of an athlete it is mostly composed of 90% of what vegan

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