Essay on Difference Between Male And Female Communication

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University classrooms today, in the United States, are made up of a mixture of males and females. In life, males and females have different conversational styles in which how they use to talk to each other in a conversation, and also how they communicate within the classrooms with their instructor and peers. Although there is a combination of both genders in the classrooms, schools tend to use learning techniques that are more hospitable towards men than woman. Teaching with a mixture of people that learn differently, it is difficult to have a certain technique to use that would help everybody in the same way. Yet it is important that each gender be given equal opportunities that allows them to do their best and succeed in their academic careers. Schools and professors need to understand the conversational differences in gender, and have a better, or more equal teaching strategies to fit both male and female conversational styles.
For example, according to writers Danial N. Maltz and Ruth A Borker of A Cultural Approach to Male-Female Communication, the issue when people of the opposite gender have a conversation men are more, “likely to interrupt the speech of their conversational partner” (page 170). While females are more likely to, “adopt a strategy of “silent protest” after they have been interrupted” (page 170). According to Maltz and Borker, Men’s dominance in conversation goes along with their dominance in society. In society men, typically, are seen as the more…

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