Difference Between Industrial And Industrialization

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The Industrial Revolution changed more than industry. Industrialization is the process of a country or nation relying on manufactured goods rather than agricultural ones. From the mid eighteenth to early nineteenth century, an industrial explosion occurred. This was the Industrial Revolution. It began in Britain with the expansion of coal and textile industries. This spread throughout western Europe and areas of North America and lead to a trend of manufacturing goods. By the twentieth century the world was aware of their industrial power. But industrialization left many countries behind. While the Industrial Revolution and industrialization had political, economic, and social benefits for countries able to adapt quickly, they proved disruptive to nations that took longer to develop.

The political stability of a nation helps predict how well it will industrialize and if industry will be beneficial. The first industrialized countries faced political ordeals while introducing mechanized jobs. Public dissatisfaction lead to
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[Do I think it was a net good or bad]. Earlier developed nations had their own issues at the start of the Industrial Revolution. The difference was that these countries overcame many political, economic, and social blunders early on. Their governments and militaries were also more advanced. The Industrial Revolution included practical science that made life and consumption easy. However, countries were scarred and manipulated by attempts to increase production. Had the goal been global well being rather than pursuing capital, it could have been beneficial . The spread and impact of industrialization continues to this day. Science is becoming more advanced and countries are still exploiting foreign resources and workers. It has been proven by many sources that our methods of production will only benefit us for a little while longer, yet we continue to increase

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