Difference Between Physical Geography And Human Geography

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How do the worlds of human geography and physical geography overlap

In my opinion , there are something the same between human geography and physical geography but there are also some differences between human geography and physical geography. Here are some answers from the internet. Human geography is the study of people, where they lived, their cultures, how do their work, their food, homes, and religion. Physical geography is the study of earth's land, features, landforms, mountains, valleys, plains, climate, environment, nonliving things, living things, plants, soil, and animals. ("What Is the Difference between Physical Geography and Human Geography?" Answers. Answers Corporation, n. d. Web. 03 Oct. 2016.) from the article,
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We can get some physical things of this area from what do the human here do and their cultures. In an area of China, people live beside a lake and their culture believe there is a god in the lake that protect them with flood and get fish to eat, so they throw food into the lake for the “god” but there are some physical things in this tradition, they put food into the lake and the fish will come to eat of course, this is why they can get a lot of fish when they put the net into the water. (Everyone., By. "Eskimos." Newgrounds.com. N.p., 2010. Web. 04 Oct. …show more content…
Western people has a long nose with a narrow airway. There are little sunshine in the cold place and this is why westerners are white and with a lot of fur for warm himself. In the most south of the earth, on the South Pole, there are a kind of people called Eskimo, they likes to wear the fur of animals to keep warm, they get their food from the sea, their main food is fish and they can only get them by make a big hole on the ice and put the hook into the water to fish. In the old century, in China, there are some people lives in the middle of the land. People here have the best land for planting food and for farming, they lives in big cities and have no need to hunt, in another way, in the west of china, there are some people called Mongolians, they have the land can hardly plant things and can only farm the cows. They want to live in the central part of china but the native there don’t let them, so they had a war. The people that lives in the middle of China have a little soldier

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