Essay on Difference Between Hierarchy And Heterarchy

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The major difference between hierarchy and heterarchy is the fact they hierarchy has one single ruler whereas heterarchy has multiple bosses or rulers in the organisation to deal with various matter and sort out problems and take major decisions for the business. The hierarchical organisation is found in majority in the present day and they are bureaucratic in nature contrary to that of heterarchial structure. As stated by Dam and Marcus (2007), the organisations that follow this hierarchical rule are the tall structures and the flow of communication is vertical in nature in these organisations. There are several managerial levels in this form of structure along with clear lines of commands at the same time. The employees need to follow the explicit rules when their work is needed to be done that define the ways the employees must undertake their work. The power in the hands of the managers is concentrated and they undertake the authoritarian form of leadership as a way to motivate the employees under him and to get the job done the way he wants it to be done. This kind of structure is mechanistic in nature as the employees are provided with specific boundaries and they are expected to function within that specific boundary. As a result of this the employees do not feel like going outside their boundaries and working on things that have not been defined for them. The topmost leader assigns positions and work on the basis of those works and the employee’s function with that…

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