Difference Between German And American Colleges Essay

1827 Words Mar 4th, 2016 null Page
As the years go by, the price of tuition in America is steadily rising. This is only pushing the students of today to find a way to afford the cost of college, or they look for a place where the tuition is more reasonable. American students are beginning to go to Germany for a higher education because there is no tuition fee, the cost for a post-secondary education is entirely unreasonable, and German colleges offer opportunities that American colleges don’t. One big difference between German and American colleges is that German colleges lack a tuition, which became official for the entire country when Lower Saxony abolished a college fee in 2014 (“How Does Germany” 2). Now, the tuition isn’t paid with make-believe money. The way how it was made possible was that Germans have to pay higher taxes than Americans do. Considering that the ratio of Germans going and not going to school is a lot lower than it is in America, it becomes a bit more manageable (“How Does Germany” 3). For the most part, the reason why not as many people go to post-secondary school in Germany is due to the fact that it isn’t forced into the lives of children from a young age. If they don’t go to college, then they will still be considered fine. There is also the fact that the German government believes that a college education is just as important as a primary education for so many jobs require some sort of degree (Sonali 4). Despite what people might assume, “Americans aren’t alone in taking…

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