Essay Difference Between Casanova And Don Juan

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I decided to take this class because it sounded the most interesting out of all other electives that were on the list that I got in my mail package. Especially, when I saw that you are teaching it, I knew that I will try to get it in this class. And now after few weeks being in this class, I know that I made a good choice. I am already familiar with your teaching style because I took “Interpesonal Violence” earlier, so I know more-less what to expect. Although, the material is not the same, the way you are presenting it, is the same and I love it. So far we covered mostly historical stuff, and I am looking forward to learn more interesting facts. Right now, I know the exact difference between Casanova and Don Juan. Prior to this class they were more-less the same to me. I never knew what is difference, but I know now. Also, the movie that we watched in class was very informative and hard to forget which is good. I was trying to get my husband to watch it, but when he heard what is it about, he said that he will rather watch soccer than waste time on something like that. When we talked about the bundling board, I was surprised that was actually happening or something like that existed at all. Whoever came up with that idea, I think he/she wasted time. You could always jump over that board or similar. Even when I was reading more about it, it said that they used to be put in a sack or bag, tied close to their neck. So, that way they were still able to cuddle…

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