The Education Of Shelby Knox: Film Analysis

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If you were to look at sex education compared to that of a decade ago, I could reassure you that there is so much that we have learned. Covering topics such as sexual education and gay rights are not things your mother learned about in her sex education class. However, a lot of these topics are relevant today especially with laws being passed, supporting topics like, sex education and gay rights. In the film, The Education of Shelby Knox, we can see how generations pass have an effect on today’s youth and their sex education class. In the film, The Education of Shelby Knox, gay rights, abstinence until marriage, teen pregnancy, and safe sex are all issues discussed. From this we understand that there is a vast range of topics deliberated when …show more content…
She observed that twice a week she saw a newly pregnant teen girl in her school. A sight such as that, is viewed as ordinary. If a student asks a teacher about sex, the school’s requirements is that they must refer to abstinence, if they refuse they are in danger of losing their job. She sought after sexual education after having to continuously deal with those issues. Shelby turned to her faith and colleagues to seek help. Shelby pledged to remain abstinence and confide in Ed Ainsworth, a local pastor who often deterred her in her pursuits. Still determined, she and the Youth Commission create a campaign and advance their cause of sex education. Problems arose with her and another member of the team, in which they both often try to outdo each other when it comes to activities in regards to the council’s behalf. After sometime, the media gives the youth group a platform to speak on issues however the school officials are still opposed to the idea. After several requests the school board meets and are not persuaded to take up the cause, yet Shelby does not give up. Shelby then becomes interested in working with a group of gay students who cannot form a gay-straight alliance in the school, she believed that this would strength her own campaign. By her senior year, Shelby commits herself to working with gay teens who decide to sue Lubbock School Board. She attests that, God loves everyone and wants people to do more than just follow him but to realize that there is more in the world that can be

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