Essay on Difference Between Adult Care Homes And Nursing Homes

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Difference in Adult Care Homes from Nursing Home
The primary difference between adult care homes and nursing homes
"Adult Care Homes" provide care and assistance to residents with problems in carrying out activities of daily living and supervision to them with cognitive impairments whose decisions, if made independently, may jeopardize the safety or well-being of themselves or others. Therefore, residents require supervision. Medication in an adult care home may be administered by designated, trained staff. Smaller adult care homes that provide care to two to six unrelated residents are normally called family care homes (, 2016).) On the contrast a "Nursing Homes" are for resident who chronic illness or rehabilitative care, on admission are not acutely ill and who do not usually require special facilities such as an operating room, X-ray facilities, laboratory facilities, and obstetrical facilities. A "nursing home" provides care for people who have remedial ailments or other ailments, for which medical and nursing care are indicated; who, however, are not sick enough to require general hospital care. Nursing care is their primary need, but they will require continuing medical supervision (, 2016). The Nursing facility Nursing facilities are an important component of the health industry that is an increasingly complex, according to the U.S. Bureau of the Census (2002) listing person age sixty-five and older as representing…

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