Diesel Engine Is Invented By Dr Rudolfh Diesel Essay

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Literature review
Diesel engine was invented by Dr Rudolfh diesel . In 1982 he presented the diesel engine in which ignition of fuel is by compression which was completely different from gasoline engine and steam engine ,this engine had many advantages over the other engines like low fuel consumption and could be designed for higher power outputs .In 1922 Sir Robert Bosch Developed a fuel injection system for the engine . those fuel injection pumps were a step ahead in having higher speed in diesel engine. In 1936, Mercedez benz was first car production with 2580 cc and 50 hp with diesel engine .In diesel engine instead of spark plug and carburetor there is a fuel injector . In the diesel engine when fuel is injected in the combustion chamber where Compressed air is present with temperature above auto ignition temperature of diesel ,combustion process starts when diesel is injected in cylinder
In diesel engine there is only air during the compression stroke which excludes the chances of auto ignition .therefore the diesel engine can work on high compression ratio .the principle of working of diesel engine depends on the heat of compressed air which will start combustion of fuel charge .due to combustion the energy is converted from one form to another which could be used to power tractors
In diesel engine there is more complete burning of fuel compared to gasoline engine since its rpm is low also it has higher fuel mass ratio.Also greater fuel economy and…

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