Development Of Knowledge, Confident, Self Identity And Group Identity

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ABE Goal 1: Nurture every child 's construction of knowledge, confident self-identity and group identity.

Question: To what degree or in what ways do I nurture construction of a knowledgeable, confident, self-identify and group identity in myself?

Answer: When I am working in the classroom I can see myself pushing for the goal number one in the students in the way that allows for them to construct their knowledge in a way that they are going to be capable of retaining the most information. We build them up so that we can learn how the child will best function. I respect the child and their families and recognize each child as identity.

The degree in which I nurture construction of knowledge in myself is by the way in which I learn from the environment that I am put into. I am constantly moving from school to school as a substitute and I learn a lot from being in different environments, which exposes me in see different economic class, gender, race, and various cultures.

ABE Goal 2: Promote each child 's comfortable, empathetic interaction with people from diverse backgrounds.

Question: How do I promote my own comfortable, empathetic interactions with people from diverse backgrounds?

Answer: As for the second goal, I believe that an empathetic relationship is developed with the children by simply listening to what they say and responding to them in a way that allows for them to understand that you care. Recognizing diversity within each center and the…

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