Developing An Implementation Plan For Nurses Essay

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Developing an Implementation Plan
This paper is the development of an implementation plan regarding Registered Nurses burnout in an Acute Care setting and its effect on patient safety in care delivery. “Hospitals are expected not only to provide positive outcomes for patients, but make them happy while providing quality care” (Hunsaker et. al. 2015, p. 187)

Method of Obtaining necessary Approval and Security Support Communicating effectively with the broad range of stakeholders will enhance successful engagement of hospital leadership in the Evidence-Based Practice participation. The chain of command will be strictly followed, introducing project to fellow colleagues – Registered Nurses, and ascertaining their votes. This is followed by the Charge Nurse who will support and get the signature or approval of fellow charge nurses that are willing to participate. In addition, the supervisors will be involved through the same process of willingness to support proposal. The final place will be the Director of Nursing (DON) who will then present to the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), accompanied by the Individual Clinician. Informal approval, or “buy-in” by way of support and participation of peers and unit leadership. This will be invaluable to the success of the study and speeds project’s completion. Administrative support – such as the DON and CNO very valuable and will lead to quick approval and practice by the institution. Key Stakeholders are needed…

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