Developing A Learning Vision Statement Grounded Essay example

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Developing a Learning Vision Statement Grounded in the Collective Belief of the Staff

Northouse (2009) indicates: A competent leader will have a compelling vision that challenges people to work toward a higher standard of excellence. A vision is a mental model of an ideal future state. It provides a picture of a future that is better than the present, is grounded in values, and advocates change toward some new set of ideals. Visions function as a map to give people direction. Robbins and Alvy (2004) specify the importance of a vision that is shared by the educational community. A school vision should be a descriptive statement of what the school will be like at a specified time in the future.

First of all, different surveys should be carried out among teachers, students, parents and communities to find out what improvement they think the school should have. It engages all involved in answering such questions as:
What kind of school do we want for our children and staff?
What will students learn? How will they learn?
How will students benefit from attendance at our school?
How will their success be measured or demonstrated?
Of all the educational innovations and research, which strategies should we seek to employ in our school?
If parents had a choice, on what basis would they choose to send their children to our school?
Based on the results and analysis of the survey, we need to create a vision statement.

Hirsch (1996) offers key ideas for getting started: A vision…

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