Developing A Diverse Learning Environment Essay example

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In a diverse learning environment, minority students are often at an economic disadvantage and are considered at-risk due to social, cultural, and economic factors (Cooper, 1998; Osborne & Walker, 2006). Osborne High School’s Title 1 status, high transiency rate, and large minority population, has led many of our students in being labeled at-risk (National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education., n.d). “At-risk” students lack many of the skills they need to become successful and productive citizens (Charmaraman & Hall, 2011). These lack of basic skills shows that those who are in poverty and “at risk” will most likely continue the poverty cycle (Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2006).
The increase of students being labeled at-risk has the educational system to call for education reform (Cooper, 1998). This includes technology-supported reform in which students collaborate on multidisciplinary projects that are challenging and engaging (Singh & Means, n.d.). Research shows that technology, is an effective strategy for aiding at-risk students in increasing academic achievement by fostering higher order thinking skills and the of lack of technology leads to poor student achievement (Ford and Quinn, 2010; Hollenbeck & Hollenbeck, 2009).
Technology enhances student achievement by providing students with multiple opportunities to utilizing critical and creative thinking skills (Darling-Hammond, Zielezinski, & Goldman, 2014). Therefore, it is essential…

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