Developing A Differential Diagnosis For Medical Medicine Essay

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As any case in medicine can be dissected into different entities, my life can similarly be dissected into locations, each sculpting a part of my personality. My family’s roots are in Sri Lanka, where most of my loved ones reside. My journey however, began in Oman, a country in the Arabian gulf. A desire to pursue medicine drove me to Qatar, a melting pot of cultures. Clinical rotations and research took me to New York. Meeting people from diverse regions has instilled in me a rare appreciation of everyone’s story. It was through my clinical rotations that I realized I craved this diversity in patients too. Developing a differential diagnosis for every patient in my internal medicine rotation proved to be intellectually stimulating, with cases ranging from a Filipino lady with lower extremity weakness due to the genetic variant of hypokalemic periodic paralysis, to the Nepali man with lepromatous leprosy in shock due to a Lepra reaction. The pathophysiology behind their diseases was fascinating in its own right, but their stories were all the more so. It was in internal medicine that I developed my most meaningful relationships with patients, which I find tremendously gratifying.

My thirst for knowledge, drive to succeed, and work ethic all take root from the teachings of my parents. However, as the first individual in my family to go into medicine I have also been entrusted with the responsibility of overlooking the health care decisions my family makes. There is little as…

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