Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability Essay

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Name: Christopher Buxton
Course Title: Diploma of Management
Unit Code: Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability
Unit Code: BSBSU501A

1. Review the case study information provided and determine all legislative and regulatory documents that describe compliance requirements for this company.
After reading the case study for the Tiny Opera Company I have determined through my own research that the following legislative and regulatory requirements will need to be adhered to so that they are compliant.
To start off the Tiny Opera Company will need to have their own Code of Conduct available to all employees and anyone attending the venue. This code of conduct will outline through Key principles what the
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Each show will be different with regards to lighting, special effects etc so you may need to comply with the following: * Safety of laser products * NSW WorkCover Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Licence * NSW Explosives Act 2003 and the NSW Explosives Regulation 2005.

2. Research best practice models used by theatres and performance spaces.
The following are my results of best practice models used by theatres and performance spaces.
Queensland Theatre Company seeks to be at the forefront of a worldwide green theatre movement, committed to incorporating environmental concerns in its planning and operations. Theatre is a resource intensive activity, but one in which both creators and consumers alike can join to bring about positive environmental change. The theatre of the future will depend on developing new work practices that make the artform more sustainable and innovative.

Queensland Theatre Company is ideally suited to be a leader at a local, state and national level. It is the state’s flagship theatre company presenting an annual season of 7-9 professional, mainstage productions as well as a number of smaller shows aimed at developing Queensland’s small to medium size theatre

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