Sorg And Jedrzejewski's Coca-Cola Marketing Strategy

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This year marks the 130th year that Coca-Cola will be in business. Through this time, Coca-Cola has marketed itself to become one of the most recognizable and reputable brands on the market. Coca-Cola has made mistakes, whether it was putting cocaine in their product, or refusing to partner up with two Hollywood stars to build their Facebook page, they have overcome these mistakes. Coca-Cola should have teamed up with the Hollywood stars and taken advantage of this great internet marketing opportunity, but they were apprehensive about not having full control over the Facebook content. It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to control online content relating to their products. People today are exercising their first amendment more …show more content…
The company is constantly improving their image, social involvement, and online content. Hopefully, other companies will not make the same mistake that Coca-Cola did back when social media was a growing trend. Sorg and Jedrzejewski provided a great opportunity to build upon the Coca-Cola brand, but the company responded negatively to the couple due to the fact that the company didn’t control the content. In today’s age, consumers are controlling and producing more digital content than ever before. The social media game has changed it’s focus from marketing to customers to communicating with customers. Effectively responding to negative customer feedback is very important, with unresolved company faults being targeted by online crowds. Coca-Cola has improved noticeably upon its social media relations since the dispute with Sorg and Jedrzejewski. The company has seen the opportunities that lie within working with customers who want to create their own content.

In the end, Coca-Cola reestablished themself as one of the best marketing companies in the world. The company has learned from its mistakes with Sorg and Jedrzejewski, and they have also learned about the power of consumer content. The Coca-Cola Facebook page is about to reach its 100 millionth Facebook like this year, and will continue to improve from

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