Personal Narrative: Life In The Police School

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When I was a mandatory soldier, I had been educated in a police school for four weeks. Compared to soldier academy, the life in the police school was so free and not tough. It was possible to use a public phone, and eat cup ramen. Furthermore, it the period, there was a big match of Korean soccer national team with an African team in Germen World Cup. The school decided to show the game to us, so we could enjoy the game. Fortunately, the Korean national team won the African team. It was so amazing. In the school, my ex-girlfriend sent me some letters and a package. In the package, there was a file of papers, and it was a printed matter of this comic. When I was in the soldier school, this comic ended, and she printed the last part of this comic. So, I could read the last part of the comic. Honestly, I was really disappointed the ending of this comic. The hero’s identity …show more content…
A smart high school student accidentally found a black note. The note was a note of the devil which the devil used to kill people. If someone wrote another person’s name in the note, the person would die. The student decided to kill every criminal to change the world much safely. The rate of crime in Japan started to decrease sharply, and Japanese people started to call him as a hero. At the other hand, Japanese police decided to hire the most popular detective to arrest him. The comic is a story of the battle between the student who had the note and the detective. When the student’s identity as a killer was revealed by new detective, the detective used a trick of a copied note. Among the fans of this comic, there was a critic that the trick is not practical and reasonable. However, I love the trick because the detective was fighting against a killer who had a supernatural ability. Without the impractical trick, it was not possible to win the killer. I totally understand why the author decided to use the impractical trick to finish the

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