Essay on Designing The Next Generation Of Government Services

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Designing the next generation of government services

At the Government Digital Service (GDS) we believe that everything should start with the user. The first of our Design Principles is “start with needs – user needs, not government needs.”

We think government should use this principle in everything it does – and service design is no exception.

Good government services should make sense for the user and meet their expectations, not be imposed on them by departments.

This sounds simple, but it can be hard for government to put into practice. That’s why a team from GDS hosted a series of sessions at Civil Service Live 2016 called ‘Designing the next generation of government services’.

We wanted to hear from colleagues across the country about their experiences working on government services and to outline a number of the ways GDS can help departments to create truly user focused services.

More than [X] people attended those sessions. What struck us was that there is a clear appetite to transform the relationship between the citizen and state.

Government is at a point now where departments understand the need to collaborate and design across the divide, working out what’s right for the users of a particular service and providing a complete journey - both digital and offline - that simply makes sense to them.

At Civil Service Live we demonstrated some of the standards, guidance, tools and components that GDS has developed that can help all of government to design…

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