Why I Want To Gain A Higher Education

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I have lived in Athens, Georgia my entire twenty-six years of life. I went to the same high school in Athens that my mother and father both attended and my parents know just about everyone in Athens in some way or another. Even though Athens is a college town, there are people that have lived here for generations and never ventured out. My mom’s side of the family is from rural Oconee County and full of farmers. My dad’s side of the family is from Jackson County and full of factory workers and farmers as well. Gaining a higher education has not been something my family values as much as others might, but my family is full of hard workers. My grandmothers’ are not sure where we migrated from because to them they have been living in and around …show more content…
I also believe that because I have worked with so many kids so far in my life I will be able to love these kids more and show them how much I believe in them. I want to show these future children that they can do anything they want and also dream big. I want to foster the dreams they have and help make them a reality. My teaching philosophy can relate back to my farming ancestors of my future class being like my garden. They are little seeds that have so much inside of them but I have to water and nurture them so that they grow. When they are grown up and “ready to be picked” because they are full of knowledge then they will go into the world and spread their knowledge to make the world a better place. I also plan on using aspects of my life to remind me why I love teaching. I want to love these kids the way I have been loved. I want to encourage these children the way I have been and I think that I can show them this because I have received that all my life. I can relate to times of having a lot and times of not having anything but through all of it pursuing my dreams and never giving up. I have seen my parents work hard at their jobs so I think that because I have seen this it will make me want to work that much harder at my future job. I also think that my family motivates me because I don’t want to let them down. My dream is teaching and so I don’t want to fail at my dream so I want to do anything I can so I succeed. Seeing how hard my family worked so that they could have the things they needed in life has also made me realize that there will be other children who come from homes like that. If I can help them out in anyway then that is what I want. I want every child to understand how important they are and to understand that they deserve the best. Most importantly my family has taught me to love

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