Designing A Three Week Menu For A Group Of Children Essay

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In designing a three-week menu for a group of children aged from three to five years old there were several factors to be considered. These included whether any of the children had food allergies of any kind, whether there were children form different ethnic backgrounds and whether any of the children were known to be fussy eaters. In this group there is a child who is allergic to egg, some children from Indian and Chinese backgrounds and also some who are perceived as fussy eaters. There have been multiple documents used in conjunction with the menu including Australian Dietary Guidelines, Victorian Healthy Eating Enterprise, and Caring for children. Using the information from various documents, has indeed created a menu that is fit to be shown in an early childhood service.

The menu has used various documents to ensure that it is true, and it address the many diverse needs of children’s eating patterns and requirements. One of those is called the Australian Dietary Guidelines, Summary by Department of Health and Ageing, (2013). The former document has been used to ensure that the designed menu meets the diverse requirements of children’s eating patterns and nutritional needs. By looking at the menu, it is evident that the menu meets or succeeds Guidelines two, three and five. According to (Department of Health and Ageing, 2013) guideline two is, to enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods/ From these five food groups every day the menu meets this as in each day each of…

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