Designing A Quality Manager I Am Responsible For Design Sessions

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As a Quality manager I am responsible for design sessions, validate functional requirements and facilitate blueprinting. One of my duties was continual improvement and driving major and minor projects to improve services and look for areas that could be changed or processes altered to benefit the organisation in the long run. The project for the configuration SAP MM systems in order to achievebusiness requirements of management such as integration with variety of modules like PP, FI and SD. Implementation of best practices of SAP was included in the CI programme of the EVO ERP service.
I was also responsible to apply robust knowledge of international standards in order to oversee the design solutions for SAP MM for offshore clients.
It was my regular responsibility to transfer and training of end-users considering best practices. I was the Quality Manager and CI project leader of junior functional analysts and staff who were working on projects. Reporting to management was one my responsibilities as well.

I was responsible for a team of three resources skilled in SAP technical quality management, analysis and testing.
I was responsible for the following, which I had to ensure was delivered by my team:
Setup clear guidelines for monthly review of exceptions
Finalise an assessment approach
Review RACI Matrix and ensure includes all key SoX requirments
Implement a reporting mechanism
Define Audit plan for SoX & Security
Create assignment, escalation, governance, minimum…

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