Designing A Project Plan Budget And Schedule Essay

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Design: - Under the design section we will deal with four parties Designers, Architects, engineers, and regulatory authorities. Each party has their own roles and responsibilities. Designers: - The designers will provide the assistance in project design and develop the activities based on our requirements. They will design documentations, technical provisions and other project related documents. They will discuss all the issues and new design ideas in the project meetings. In these meetings They will also suggest the correct action to remove the issues. They will help the project manager to develop the project plan budget and schedule. They will design the layouts and sketches according to the project requirements. They will also develop the cost reduction enterprises during the maintenance and productivity.
Architect: - the responsibilities of the architects and the designers will be almost same. They will work together on some phases of the project. Architects will conduct minor notifications to complete the working drawings. they will contact with city council and other official departments for approvals. They will engage in team meetings to solve the issues and other technical problems. They will also review the accurateness of calculations, estimates and plans. They will monitor the design process from conception to construction administration. Finally, they will give us draft observation reports during project close.
Engineers: - the main responsibility of the…

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