Essay on Designing A Multiple Choice Quiz

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Remember the feeling when a teacher said that instead of work, a movie was going to be shown? A similar feeling to that is being experienced by students all over the world when a teacher says they are going to be playing Kahoot. Kahoot is a competitive game to get children interested in learning. On the website, anyone can make a multiple choice quiz – or Kahoot – about anything. It is available to everyone and is free to use; all someone has to do is make an account. It may be primarily used by teachers, but the app goes beyond the classroom and people use the same technology to host trivia nights. To use Kahoot, one must first make their own Kahoot account. Then one can make a “Kahoot” or find one on the website. Making one is fairly simple. One must first choose what Kahoot type they want to make: a quiz, a discussion, or a survey. The next few steps are the same for all options: create a title, add a description, decide who can see the Kahoot, and add a picture if the user so chooses. Then the user must come up with questions with two to four answers. The user can add a picture or video to the question if they want a visual aid, or for the video or picture to be a part of the question. In quiz mode, the creator must choose which answer is correct. In discussion and survey mode, there is no right or wrong answer. Mainly teachers use these modes to find out what the students think of certain topics. Finally, the user chooses how long they want the question to remain on…

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