Design And Processing Of A Digital Program Essay

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Design and processing
It is interesting and beneficial to know how we can use a digital program to put a plan into action because as the world gets faster we have to be in steps with it. The digital programs help us to make standard lines and curves, shapes so it is possible save time for us hence for the client too. I also want to mention there are many different and creative programs in spite of that it was the best decision to choose the Adobe Illustrator because it is well known, practically a basic graphic program in the design profession world.
The first step of a project is the researching, when it is realized what the client imagine. There are many different logo, brand and typography design books that give us many variations of ideas. It is helpful, hence no one wants to produce a logo what already exists. There is also the Internet and blogs and many of them can help to get inspiration. On the other hand it is necessary to pay attention, because namely we can lost the focus on the project, we may feel that there are too much given idea so it should be better if we draw our ideas firstly. After the researching we can start drawing sketches and compile, thinking about the colours.
There are many ways to digitalize a sketch. The first option is using a scanner after making some small modifying on the computer, such as clear the dirt stain from the natural image. The other alternative is a digital drawing pad, what is especially a professional choice. The usages based…

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