Descriptive Essay : ' What Have I Done?

1528 Words Sep 18th, 2016 7 Pages
I saw the deer in the cross hairs of my scope; I took one last deep breath of the crisp winter air as my dad pressured me to hurry up, and I squeezed the trigger. I had never heard anything sound so loud in my life. My heart was beating through my chest as I looked down to see blood and shattered glass everywhere. The doe I was aiming for still standing in front of me unharmed. I was shaking uncontrollably, and not from the cold, but from the sight of what I had done. The smell of black power lingered in the air as I began to cry. Sitting all alone in the wide open field, I asked myself, “What have I done?” Ever since the day I could walk, my dad took me everywhere with him, and every fall and winter I would go with him hunting. The fall after I had turned eight-years-old he took me hunting during the youth hunt of the season. It was the first time I went hunting for myself instead of just going to watch my dad. It was different and more thrilling looking out into the woods for my own chance. That same day I killed my very first deer, an eight point buck that spiraled my passion for hunting. I was not only continuing a family tradition, but a tradition originating from the pioneers. Twelve-years later, I found myself at the last day of the modern gun deer season and I had still not tagged out yet. Most of my hunting opportunities were taken up by sports, FFA contests, and my dad taking my little brother hunting. That evening my dad asked me if I wanted to go with him…

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