Descriptive Essay: The Outdoors

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The Outdoors I believe in the outdoors. It has been an escape from reality for me. I am very thankful that I was taught at such a young age about hunting and fishing. The countless memories and time spent with the people that share the same passion that I do. When I first learned to walk, my grandpa taught me about the outdoors. I can still remember my first fishing pole; it was a Pfluger painted burnt orange on a 6ft’6in’’ Berkley lightning rod. The amount of time I spent practicing casting and tying lures with it was insane! I can remember going outside and casting for hours. Once I got bored with the casting I would try mastering the different types of fishing knots. The first time I was introduced to hunting was when I was around six or seven years old when my uncle took me duck hunting. While we walked to our blind I could see a multitude of ducks flying and quacking. Being in the blind with my uncle was incredible. Watching him call the ducks in was something I will never forget. From that moment on I fell in love with duck hunting. My grandpa gave me my first shotgun when I was eight. It was a Remington 11-87 painted in Advantage Wetland camo. I spent countless hours shooting clay pigeons, to work on …show more content…
The preparation for hunting requires countless hours of finding a spot and scouting that spot. Being able to be so close to nature and hearing the sounds is something that got me hooked to the outdoors. Going out and doing this with my grandpa or uncle have been some of the best times I have spent in the outdoors. Once you find a good spot to hunt there is a sense of relief, but now the real work begins. You must scout this spot hard in order to have a successful upcoming season. For duck hunting we build a blind for us to hunt out of. This requires a ton of raffia grass, leaves, and sticks. By the time that this is all completed duck season is upon

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