Descriptive Essay: The County Fair

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The county fair is the most exciting event that takes place all year in a small town. Families, friends, and couples all go to the VFW fairgrounds and join in the fun. There are plenty of exhilarating activities to keep thrill seekers and seniors alike busy and happy. I have very distinct memories of the fair and I have always found it to be a lot of fun. The arrival of a new season, electrifying rides, and delicious foods are all significant parts of what makes the fair so exciting and memorable. The fair comes to town just as the fall season sets in. The air gets a cool, crisp feel to it that feels like a breath of fresh air. The leaves become an assortment of bright reds, oranges, and deep yellows. There is a renewed and unfamiliar feel …show more content…
Roaring brilliantly, just after entering the gates is the Ring of Fire, a thrilling and terrifying ride towering high into the sky. A calmer ride stands just ahead. A carousel stands gloriously with beautiful painted horses going around and around. The swings fly past and I can see small feet dangling below each seat as the swings soar through the air. The sound of arcade music and squeals fills the air. Lights cover the rides, glimmering like brightly colored stars almost close enough to touch. Past the gate, the sidewalks are lined with food stands featuring all kinds of delicacies every few feet. The food stands have huge posters of whatever they may be selling, whether it be nachos, funnel cakes, pizza, or fried Oreos. The fresh, hot funnel cakes at the fair are sections of buttermilk batter fried, layered high, and covered in powdered sugar. They smell like a cake straight out of the oven that has been tossed in a huge bowl of confectioner sugar. They also have fresh corn dogs, sticky candy apples, and fluffy pink and blue cotton candy. The fair is definitely any junk food lover’s paradise. The perfect weather, electrifying rides, and scrumptious food are all part of what makes the fair such an exciting event. The fair is an essential part of welcoming in the fall season. Everyone should go at least once in a lifetime. Going to the fair will always be a part of my life, almost like another

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