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Finding the right show pig. Before May 1st you must have bought and the pig must be on your property by that date. Which one people may ask, Barrow or Gilt? It all depends types of person and their passion with the pig. Barrow are pigs that have been castrated and have no hormones like the gilts pigs do. Barrow pig have a tendency to have better performance all the way around and in the show ring. People do not always want barrow as they can’t not be used for anything such as only slaughter after the fair, and the gilts can also be kept on the farm to be bred. The decision becomes on Market or Breeding stock? Market pigs will be allowed to sell after the fair and breeding stock will not. Breeding stock will usually be born around November …show more content…
Showmanship will be the first thing at the fair. Showmanship is going to be the most difficult class for the people. During showmanship ideal in the arena is to keep the pig between the participant and judge anywhere from six to twelve feet. Eye contact during out is very important factor. The judge like to see him at all times and always keep the pig under control. He may draw a line in the sand and want the participant to make the pig follow straight on the line. The class is not about the pig it’s about the person showing the pig. The judge will ask the kid’s simple question as “What are the pigs ear notches” or “When was this pig born” or another great question will be “How long have you been showing” simple questions will be asked to participants about their pigs or about themselves. Its categories the boys and girls and their ages. There will be four classes in showmanship boys from 6-12 13-18 years old and girls from 6-12 13-18 years old. There will be one winner from each class and then there will be the final drive in showmanship. The four people will be put in the arena for the judge to choose the

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