Descriptive Essay: The Beauty Of Chicago

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The Beauty of Chicago After a difficult week of school or work, ends with an award: the weekend. A maximum of two days to do anything our heart desires. These two days gives us a chance to check off items on our bucket lists. For young teens and adults, the city of Chicago has been a popular area to inhabit. Exploring the city is beneficial because it provides many areas to tour such as parks, zoos, restaurants, beaches, and many more activity-filled areas. Walking around Chicago can still comfort us from all its beauty. Chicago is a pleasant place to spend some quality time with friends before going back to the hell-hole. When it comes to visiting the city personally, the beach areas, Lincoln Park, and Millennium Park are beloved places. The beaches in Chicago are absolutely gorgeous. For example, Chicago’s North Avenue beach is the premium and most popular beach in the city (Chicago Traveler). To illustrate, …show more content…
Lincoln Park offers plenty to its tourists. I highly enjoy the cultural aspects the park presents. Lincoln Park holds many memorial monuments and museums such as the popular Chicago History Museum. Hence the name, the museum displays iconic views from the history of Chicago and the struggles the city had to undergo in order to survive. Personally, I have gained much respect for this brave city and am so gratified from its prosperity. More so, Lincoln Park is the home to many religious properties such as churches and organizations of many religions. Even better, the bakeries and restaurants at the park are to die for. For example, Boka is a highly-visited restaurant at Lincoln Park. Being sat in a very beautiful and luxurious garden room to savor a meal may be the reason for frequent visits from customers (Time Out Chicago). Lincoln Park tends to fascinate me because I wonder how such a small area can contain so much. Lincoln Park can be its own city in my

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