Descriptive Essay : State Volleyball

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AAU State Volleyball Have you ever been to a State volleyball tournament? Well, I have. When you would enter the gym, all you would hear is young teenage girls screaming and cheering. It was the best experience I have ever had. If I had the choice to go back to those few days, I would in a heartbeat. In order for us to go to state, we had to play in a tournament. We played every team that was there. When we got to the very last game, we had to play Western Christian. The game was going great, until Western got on a roll. We ended up losing. When we started to walk out of the gym, the Western coach came up to us and said that they were going to let us go to state instead of them going. Our coach asked why and the Western coach said that they were already qualified for state from a different tournament. So that’s how we got to state. When we left George, we had to go to Sheldon to get a huge van. Once we all piled in the van, we had to stop at McDonald’s for food. When we got done eating, we started on our way to Des Moines. About half way there, some of us girl started to get a little tired. Some fell asleep in their seats, and some fell asleep on the floor of the van. I was one of those girls. When we got to Des Moines, we had to go check into our hotel. We had to share the whole hotel with West Lyon. When morning arrived, we all headed down to the lobby for some breakfast. Once we were finished we went back to our rooms to get ready for the first day of the…

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