Descriptive Essay : Sick Boss At The Lido

1335 Words Sep 9th, 2015 null Page
Well, I went to Sick Boss at the Lido. I first passed Chris 's place, and detected some light, very faint, and, anyway, I have no way of knowing if he indeed still resides there. I know that if he sighted me his conspiratorial mind would immediately jump to extreme ideas. But this only dilutes my message and intention with negativity; the reason I passed it is because I am interested in him, and hope he is well. Passing Chris 's necessarily means I overshot the Lido, consequently my arrival at the Lido came from the side I otherwise would not have come from. It was during this approach that I passed a curly-haired man. I thought I recognized him, and even looked back at him when I figured it would be safe to do so. I arrive at the Lido and it is busier than all previous times. I order a pilsner as I had "researched" earlier only to be told they have no pilsner, thereby putting to waste my all cool, I know what I 'm ordering demeanor, but I shouldn 't emphasize this because it really, honestly didn 't produce much of anything in me at the time, nor does it now. I settle for a lager, as I have done the previous times. Sitting at the bar, I begin drinking and settling into a pleasant drinking experience by myself. It was simply pleasant. Then, over my left shoulder I get queried by an unknown voice asking if I am alone. This turns into a full conversation, lasting pretty much my entire visit, about philosophy, epistemology, nature of reality, solipsism, physics, time,…

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