Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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It all started on a warm Friday in May of 1996. When I bore a grin on my face as enormous as the Joker. Granted, I knew it was going to be a remarkable day when my abdomen was filled with butterflies. Being that my grandmother was allowing myself to go to my classmate Tammy slumber party, now as she and I started packing my pajama and necessity in a miniature overnight bag. Then we sat down on the bed and begin to express the rules for me to attend this sleepover. The phone rung, it was Tammy’s mother confirming my stay that night. As they talked, I sat there thrilled and excited, I was going to the furthermost popular girl in the school house for a slumber party.
Even more, Tammy house was gorgeous, wall-to-wall carpet, large vases, and paintings in every room. A white sectional U-shaped sofa in the center of the living room that possessed a comfortable and relaxing feel to it with a humongous floor model TV. The kitchen had marble countertop, marble floor tiles and black and stainless appliances throughout the kitchen. In other words, I had never seen a house so beautiful, or should I say apartment. “Yes! That’s right an apartment, we all lived in a low-income housing project.” None of our neighbors were able to subsist like the Reid family, and as a teenager, I believed the Reid’s were successful and I looked up to them, it seemed as if they experienced everything and was perpetually delighted.
Nevertheless, after laughing and hanging out with my three friends Tammy.…

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