Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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When I was 5, I fell into a bag of glass and gashed my leg open. Crazy, right! Well, the accident ended in being carried to the hospital with a blood soaked towel wrapped around my knee. It was eight at night when I entered the emergency room and was placed into a wheel chair. The pain in my leg was great, but my curiosity to peek under the reddening towel was greater. I waited patiently for the nurse to unwrap my leg. I had not seen my leg since it was initially sliced. She pulled back the towel and I was instantly amazed. The first words I said were, “Wow! It looks like brains”, (most likely the origin of my interest in neurosurgery). All the nurses in the triage giggled, one even commenting that she had never saw a child so fascinated. Eventually taken to the back, I was placed onto a table where a doctor was waiting to assess my leg. He told me I needed stiches; fifteen to be exact. The kind doctor placed all the supplies on the bed and allowed me to hand him them because I was so interested the procedure. Eventually, I was bandaged into a pink cast and sent on my way. Reflecting back, I find it interesting my fascination for human anatomy before I knew my A, B, C’s. I want to be a doctor because I am instinctively drawn to the analysis, mental stamina, and problem solving demands of becoming a neurosurgeon, as well as value quality health care, medical innovation and equality among all.
As my A, B, C ‘s evolved into biology, I found myself hungry for more…

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