Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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My hands were red in the cold. It seeped over from my fingertips to my palms and then to the back of my hands. The brown color became near nonexistent. I needed to get out of the cold and home before dark.

My steps were tentative. Much like a baby deer taking its first steps, I skidded across the ice and snow. Tentative movements would make me slower, but ultimately safe. I just needed to get home by seven and I would be safe. I wouldn 't say I was superstitious, but nana 's old tales of the town where I lived still gave caution to me.

The men of beast she would call them.

They were men cursed by the moon to have a wolf inside their bodies. They never could escape it. They never tried. It wasn 't their animalistic souls that scared me, it was being claimed. The beasts of men had soul mates. If you were their soul mate, you were theirs. You could never get away either.

I believe that 's what happened the Alexia two months ago. I 'd been searching for her ever since, but I 've never found anything about her whereabouts. Everyday that past made me more anxious.

"Little love you need to move faster if you want to be home by night." A deep clear voice pulled me out of my internal thoughts, startling me.

Off balance, I began to sway uneasily at first. Then in what felt like minutes but was actually seconds, my footing slipped as I plume red towards the ground.

An arm wrapped around my entire body before I hit the ice entirely. A tingling sensation was felt, rippling out…

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