Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Day 6: Koblenz, Germany I will spare you the tedious travel details and go directly into the one sight we saw today, Marksburg Castle, high in the hills. It looked like something out of a children’s book, with a yellow facade and tall towers trimmed with red. It wasn’t originally built for residence, but for defence. It turned residencial unexpectedly, so consequently it hadn’t the tradition comforts. The rooms were tiny and lacked significant decor. Most of the rooms were dedicated to arms, or meant for other, purely functional pursuits. This utilitarian style inspired great respect in me. I had grown tired of the gaudy displays of wealth, so the simplicity was refreshing.
The view of the countryside below was a wonder to see. A village nestled between tree laden hills, the houses a hodge-podge of colored roof. Clouds hung in threatening hues, but the sun filtered through in visible beams, illuminating the rooftops and bathing the scene in golden light.

Day 7: Miltenberg, Germany Miltenberg is quite simply beautiful. It is simple, and there aren’t many attractions, but it made for a relaxing day of meandering. All the buildings were either half-timbered or sandstone, with the exception of one, domed church, which only added to the quality of the landscape. Even after hours of walking on cobblestoned streets we didn’t find one modern building. We walked up to a castle that perched above the city. It was closed to the public, but we did walk around the garden and…

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