Descriptive Essay On Wattpad

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I have loved reading since the 4th grade and always want to read before I go to sleep. I have found many books that I absolutely adore. I started reading on Wattpad in high school when I did not want to carry a book around with me everywhere, but I still wanted to read whenever I felt like it. I started looking into the iBooks app, they wanted about ten dollars for a book you could not even hold in your hand? When I could read an entire book in just a couple of nights, it actually added up to be expensive. I was not going to go for that. So I searched the app store and found Wattpad, which I have enjoyed and used ever since. I really enjoy reading on Wattpad it provides so many conveniences. Wattpad is an online community where users can post …show more content…
I am the type of person that wants to know what is going to happen next or the I need to know the ending type. If the writer decides that they do not like the book anymore and quit uploading it, then I am out of luck. There I am at the end of chapter 36 just dying to know what is going happen next and the writer never finishes the story so it stays in my library just waiting to be updated. I envision maybe this happened or I write out the ending in my head, but I never feel like it is as satisfying as what the author was writing or even come close to how they would have finished it. On to the next one I tell myself and get all wrapped into a whole new story. Sometimes I will get so wrapped up in a story I just lay in my bed reading all night long not even going to sleep till I read every last word. I finish and feel so accomplished, but at the same time so sad because such a good story is over and I am never going to be able to experience the story the same way again. A downfall to having so many authors most writing multiple stories on the app is all the stories there are to choose from. Sometimes I spend an hour looking for the perfect next story because there is just so many on the site. For every amazing story there three dozens lousy, sub-par, junkie stories. But that 's just, like any site that lets the user choose what they want and when they want it. I spend more

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