Descriptive Essay On The Storm

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The wind was blowing and the clouds were starting to become darker and heavier, we knew a storm was coming. It was a typical summer thunderstorm, so nothing was out of the ordinary. My dad was driving my brother, Justin, and I to the dentist because my mom was at work and we could see the clouds becoming lower and lower. It was only a matter of minutes before it down poured. We made it to the dentist and we were the only one’s there, we were the last patients of the day. Everything was smooth sailing until the power went out, the storm was coming faster than expected. After 20 minutes of waiting the power finally came back on. Once we were done with the dentist and walked back out to the truck, that’s when everything began to go downhill. We knew that my dad’s truck was having problems because of how old it was, but we did not expect this to happen. My dad, Justin, and I got into the truck as usual and expected nothing to be wrong.
“Why won’t the truck turn on?” My dad asks with a confused look on his face. He continues to turn the key back and forth in the ignition to see if it would turn on, but there was no luck. Everything else in the car was working, except the engine. Once we ruled out that the battery was still okay, my dad got out of the car, went to the trunk, took out a tarp and laid it on the ground under the truck so he could see what was going wrong. Because my dad has a history with mechanics, he normally is able to figure out what is wrong with a car, but this time he just was not able to find out what it was. For an hour I was helping him turn the truck on and off to hopefully have it turn on, but we had no luck. After about an hour and a half of sitting in the dentist parking lot trying to turn on the truck.
“Dad, just call
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This was starting to scare me. Finally after waiting my uncles calls and says that he was here. I look around and reply “Um, no you

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