Rupes Welcome Speech

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For as long as it’s been around, Rupe’s Burgers has been Blackfoot’s go to diner. After t-ball games, dance recitals, and community plays, at the end of the school year, road trips, and everyone’s very best days, Rupe’s is ready to welcome you in with friendly smiles and the delicious smell of french fries and milkshakes. I’ve lived in Blackfoot my whole life and Rupe’s is a place I have grown to adore. Through the many hours I've spent in that little diner, the red and blue benches in the booths at Rupe’s have become my place of refuge. Some of my first memories of Rupe’s are from when I would go with my cousins Brooke and Halie and grandparents. They took us every time all three of us were in town. I remember one time we walked in hand in …show more content…
It was a tradition to go to Rupe’s after closing night of a show. I went after every show I participated in from seventh grade to junior year. After the show, the cast would pile into cars and show up at Rupe’s in full stage hair and makeup. The employees were always ready for us and knew when we were coming. There was always fresh fries and a staff ready to make milkshakes and ice cream cones for the masses. We pushed tables together, pulled extra chairs over to booths, and squeezed an entire cast into a diner that was not built to hold that many people. While the tradition was the same after every show, the experience always varied. After one of my first shows, I sat in the corner quietly holding my crushes hand under the table. I’m sure my face was as red as the ketchup on my burger that I don’t even remember eating because I was so excited to be sitting next to the boy I liked holding hands and I was just praying no one would notice. Another time, we decided to do a flash mob for the people in the diner who may have missed the show. Our lead character stood up and started singing La heim from Fiddler on the Roof which was one of our favorite songs from the show. Before long, nearly everyone in the restaurant was singing and dancing all over. My final after show trip to Rupe’s was a very bittersweet experience. The show we had just finished had been a challenge for me. I felt like I was constantly being pulled different directions between rehearsal, school work, a pageant I was in, and writing for the school newspaper. By the end of the run of the show, I was glad to have it over with. I was exhausted and ready to go home and sleep. But, I went to Rupe’s anyway and I was so glad I did. Telling rehearsal horror stories, quoting our favorite lines of the play, and remembering the best parts of the show left me feeling grateful for the opportunity I had to participate in such a big,

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